6 Lingerie Art Trends

Art influences our everyday lives, for some of these designer's art has inspired their collections creating wearable pieces of art.


Undress Code has been creating a few art capsules inspired by different artists. Some of these artists include Mondrian and Kandinsky. Undress Code also is inspired by geometric shapes and includes them throughout theirs lines as well as their campaigns to tell the story about the lingerie pieces.


The Little Bra Company has been inspired by Luc Leestemaker, a Dutch-American painter. His artwork can be described as influenced by Abstract Expressionism and the CoBra Movement. His deep horizons and use of color, both bold and soft, inspire their collections. More personally, Emily Lau, owner of TLBC, shared her life with Leestemaker from 2005 to 2012. When he passed away, he become the inspiration behind The Little Bra Company. Leestemaker encouraged Lau to start her dream of making lingerie for petite body types. Through his strong work ethic and his belief in Lau, she was able to build a company from a bedroom in their home into a premier worldwide brand known for providing better-fitting lingerie for this niche customer. His artwork fills their office headquarters and reminds Lau and her team every day to bring beauty, heart and joy into everything they do


For AW20, Aubade has invited Chinese-artist Hong Wai to collaborate. Together they have redefined the frontier between art and lingerie. They have created a special edition line to represent a bond between two cultures. Best known for her skillful use of the ancient Chinese tradition of ink painting and calligraphy, Hong Wai brings the lingerie design in the world of contemporary ink art, poetically waxing on the woman as her canvas. Related to the philosophy of traditional Chinese ink painting, the voluptuous female body in Wai’s work is like a cosmic body, where brush lines create the movement and force which restores the vitality. There’s a relationship between the emptiness and fullness both real and imagined. Here showcased in all its sensuality, lingerie captures the voluptuous beauty of a female body.


Finding balance and harmony is at the heart of Monique Morin’s creative process. She finds beauty in combining bold components to delicate material, accentuating the soft body curve with sharp angular cut outs. The upcoming Wild Lace collection builds on this concept of “opposites attract” by combining ultra-wide and soft elastic bands to a refined floral lace. Colors are always carefully edited for their product assortment. Morin, their Creative Director, refers to her color edits as “The Essentials.” Their blues are denim friendly; they look stunning paired with apparel and complement all women. Monique Morin makes sure to vet each new color though a review process from their multi-cultural team to ensure the color is flattering on a broad range of skin tones.


Kilo Brava always has fun incorporating prints and patterns. They love getting inspired by vintage wallpaper prints, and most recently renaissance inspired oversized florals. Color is also very important to Kilo Brava as they weave and merchandise a col - lection together. They make sure the solid colors they offer always go back to the prints, making it super easy for their buyers to have a gorgeously curated collection that encourages customers to purchase more styles so they can mix & match .


Christine Lingerie’s collections include prints exclusive to them, many of which have been inspired by Japanese woodblock art, botanical studies, or watercolor florals.

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