Entos Founder Fernanda Mena

Could you introduce yourself and your brand in a few sentences?

My name is Fernanda Mena, I´m 23 years old and I am studying Industrial Design. Entos was born in 2018 from my desire to bring out the hidden beauty in each woman. First it started as a dream that I now live daily with greater goals to achieve day after day. I want my designs to inspire the lingerie world and showcase inclusivity, artfulness but also be provocative and wearable.

What is the meaning behind Entos?

Entos comes from the Greek word "inside". I chose this meaning because I truly believe that is not about the way we physically look, but it is about the way we emotionally feel. I wanted to create a brand for all body types, for all women, because we all are different kinds of beautiful.

Fernanda, you created Entos while you were still in school, what inspired you to start at such a young age?

I´ve always loved fashion, I had the opportunity two years ago to work with a very recognized Spanish designer in Madrid “Agatha Ruiz de la Prada”, I was working in design, My team and I made the patterns, the prints, in addition to creating the whole idea and scenario for Madrid Fashion Week. It was an amazing experiences, and Ruiz de la Prada was a inspiring teacher. Consequently, I wanted to combine my two passions lingerie and fashion. The Entos brand was created to change women’s mentalities and perspectives about themselves.

What was your first collection about?

I am very passionate about Art, so I am inspired by different artists in each collection. For example, my first collection was inspired in Edgar Degas, who was a passionate about ballerinas and ballet. I was inspired by his paintings and created a ballet collection with translucent fabrications and elegant silhouettes that were adaptable to different body types.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

I’m amazed by classical art and history. I always try to study artists, paintings, and sculptures from a specific art movements. Each piece celebrates creativity, opening a world with endless possibilities.

How would you define Entos' style?

Classy and Elegant.

What will be the theme of your next collection? What can we expect?

My next theme is about Marie Antoinette, liberation and women breaking stereotypes through time. You can expect a very elegant and edgy collection.

What steps are you taking towards inclusivity?

I´m already expanding to offer a wider range of sizes and garment structures for different body types. I am also working on visual and social media representing inclusivity of sizes, races and ideologies.

What are your brands ethics and values?

EN-AMOR-ARTE (IN LOVE WITH ART): we are proud to create beauty through our talent. DISRUPTIVE: Never be satisfied you can always improve; we want you to be surprise with memorable details. TRANSCEND: We want to focus ourselves in valuable results in everything we do. Always being grateful for the opportunity to be better each day. BEING COHERENT: We try to be honest and transparent, working hard to make possible what seems impossible.

Are you taking steps towards sustainability?

I have done several things, the first one is that I changed the packaging for a travel bag. I have stopped using plastic or boxes. I developed a new packaging that you can use for traveling or to safely keep your garments at home.

In my collection, I´m currently using green label and recycled fabrics. I make special styles with fabric that is unusable for larger quantities. Entos practices sustainability by offering versa - tile pieces that can be used in many different ways. For example, a robe that you can wear with your swimwear, as a nightgown or as street style. I focus on designing with multiple end uses. You don't need to buy three different pieces, you just buy one that you can wear three different ways.

You won the Pitch Off event at the February 2020 Curve New York show– congratulations! Did it help you get more exposure and business from lingerie buyers?

Yes, it was an amazing experience! Entos is a new brand and this award helped raise brand awareness and gave exposure with key buyers.

How have you been impacted by COVID-19? What have you done to overcome these challenges?

It has a difficult months. I reinvented my company making facemasks and surgical gowns to support the fight against COVID-19. At the same time, I developed a loungewear collection with an influencer who became the image of the campaign and gave the collection more exposure in México. The partnership worked very well. I think we need to readapt our industry for the needs we have being facing. I am very positive about this situation, we will come out stronger together again.

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