F/W 20/21 TRENDS

By Vanessa Causse: Trend Forecaster

In what ways do you think current events are driving the fashion market?

First of all, we are witnessing a movement of emancipation from women who desecrate the body. Now, all body shapes are illustrated on social networks, offering beauties exemplified through bodies of all sizes. The industry has received the message to expand their size range to meet all women and support the market towards a renewal and a wider clientele.

Can you specify how the lingerie market responds to these same influences?

Yes! Especially since these sculptural bodies demand to be more generous with the work of forms. This is why for Winter 20-21, we are witnessing a very marked return of the high briefs, which wants to be very enveloping, with new extra-stretchy and comfortable ones like Simone Wild, Superb… but also Milakrasna with tall panties that have beautiful indentations for an assertion of the body while maintaining a sense of seduction.

This first macro trend therefore echoes this acceptance of bodies, multiple and unique, stylizing the contours of beauty standards to enhance authenticity and spontaneity as a strong value of female identity. The pieces must therefore marry all these bodies in their singularity for products that are easy to put on! This lingerie is more functional. Comfortable lingerie, very new because it is easy to put on, feminine and practical. A range of colors that goes with all skin tones, all women for a daily approach to their body.

Is lingerie becoming an accessory?

This answer is more complex, because lingerie is reinventing its use, its function! It is no longer essential to support, or a pledge of hygiene. Lingerie is now part of the beauty sets to combine with our wardrobe mixing and drawing new looks, in layers for more personalization. Fashion glorifies vintage pieces as timeless, aesthetic canons, almost iconic. We find this same need to be reassured, with vintage prints in lingerie for purchases that can cross the years with the same panache. So, combining these new lingerie collections with ready-to-wear affirms lingerie as fashion! Not an accessory. For this second trend, women are creators, artists combining pieces for beauty cases. Contemporary lingerie in eclectic shades where light and density intermingle, giving sophistication to the collections.

If lingerie flirts so much with fashion and catwalks, is there still room for sports products and looks?

The influence of sport has been major in fashion as well as in lingerie, infusing new forms and innovative materials. We owe to this influence our interest in comfortable materials and the retreat of underwired balconies to favor the freedom of bodies. Through this influence, we approach a third macro trend: Modeling. The collection lines destruct the classics, thanks to very underlined forms and contrasts of materials in colors. This lingerie is sculptural, with flagship products like the bra which sometimes becomes a crop top! The range is dense, the colors revolve around warm colors like caramel, brick and eggplant for an elegant offer.

What place in the fashion sector can lingerie occupy?

In parallel, 74% of the new generation wish to consume differently, giving new meaning to their purchases for more personalization and sustainable purchases. Faced with the concerns of preserving the environment, our outlook on fashion is changing. We want to know everything, to understand everything, to become more reasoned and responsible, wiser. Expressing the richness of all these bodies opens up the market to the multiplicity of products, reappropriates the concept of comfort, enhances know-how and quality.

This is why lingerie is still at the beginning of its emancipation to embody the multiplicity of women’s beauties and to invent hybrid collections between textiles and art, as a committed approach to rhyme femininity and freedom.

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