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There has been a strong focus across the fashion landscape on providing product for a broader range of women and portraying brands through an inclusive lens. The rise of social media and influencers flaunting their bodies of all shapes and sizes, has propelled this movement. We spoke with a few women who are using their strong social media presence to bring visibility to inclusive intimate apparel brands, body-confidence, and self-love.

Caralyn Mirand, Plus Size Model and Blogger, @caralynmirand

When did you begin your journey as an influencer within this industry?

Caralyn - I started working as a curve model almost 10 years ago... It wasn't until a few years ago upon attending a casting where they asked me how many followers I had. At the time, I had 10K and they laughed in my face, telling me to "step it up, honey." This fueled a fire within to truly understand and figure out why social media was important and why I should care.

Taylor - After winning Curvy Kate’s 2017 spokesmodel search, I then moved to the modeling Mecca NYC. Winning this competition has allowed me to travel, model internationally, and meet interesting people from all walks of life. I use my social platforms to not only inspire, and uplift, but to bring women together to show them that they are beautiful and worthy no matter what shape, size, or height they are.

Chantelle - I’m a Northern California native making my dreams come true in the City of Angels, as a model, make-up artist, social media influencer and curve enthusiast.

Did you have any specific sources of inspiration?

Caralyn - I've been inspired by many bloggers and women before me, but it was important to me that I figured out my own unique perspective and voice. My closest friends, mentors and family continue to inspire me to be authentic and true to myself.

Taylor - Overall, I think being on Instagram and seeing women of all shapes and sizes has been the biggest source of inspiration for me. There are a ton of social media accounts I follow that I’m always inspired, encouraged and uplifted by. It’s nice to scroll down my timeline and witness so many women owning their bodies and unique beauty. I live for it!

Chantelle - My inspirations came from seeing other curvy women. Once I saw women of all shapes and sizes not shying away from hiding their body I said to myself “I can do that too, I will do that too.”

Taylor Rhoden, Plus Model and Social Media Figure, @tall.tay

What makes you a lover of lingerie?

Caralyn - The moment I got fitted in a proper fitting bra, I like to call it the "bra-ha" moment! It was truly life changing. Through my platform, I love being able to share my "bra knowledge" that I've learned after years of working as a lingerie model to inspire women to find their fit! A good fitting bra can make you feel like you can conquer the world, it helps with posture, confidence and looking better in clothes. What's not to love about that?

Taylor - Funny thing is, lingerie used to be something I shied away from. I never felt extremely sexy in it, due to my body insecurities. But oh how times have changed. These days, I feel beyond beautiful and empowered while wearing it.

Chantelle - Lingerie makes my inner sex appeal ooze out. I always felt like lingerie was me and never for my partner, it’s just a perk for them. You can walk around the house all by yourself in lingerie and feel sexy.

How has the market for plus-size lingerie changed, from your perspective?

Caralyn - I think now, more than ever, there are a lot more options than there ever were before. It's great to see brands who are focused on size inclusion, making sure there is an undergarment for everybody.

Taylor - Honestly, I’ve never struggled to walk into stores and find lingerie. However, I have friends who have. Nowadays, I feel like the lingerie market has become a lot more inclusive in making plus-size women feel just as sexy when they walk in the store, no matter what their size is. I remember seeing lingerie that wasn’t as appealing, sexy, or risqué, and that really bothered me. It was just disheartening to see how companies felt like plus size women didn’t deserve the same fire lingerie options.

Chantelle - I feel like lingerie has just been made widely available for all sizes now. They’ve always had the sexiest pieces for “straight size” women but plus size is just now catching up and getting the same styles.

Chantelle Tyler Model, MUA, Creative, @chaantellie

What changes still need to be made?

Caralyn - In the world of online shopping, I think consumers still struggle with finding their proper fit. There is nothing like having an in-store bra fitting experience but I'd love to see brands spend more time on educating their customers prior to buying online.

Taylor - There’s always room for improvement, and I believe that the lingerie market needs to continue focusing on making plus-size women feel included. There are a lot of brands that make a few options for the “big girls” and think they’ve done their part. But this isn’t a quick fix. It’s about making plus women a priority and creating a norm.

Chantelle - I’d say we just need to keep advancing in providing the same sexy styles we see and love in our size. I see so many different bralettes and panties that I want in the same exact style. I don’t want the “plus version” of anything anymore, just make me a bigger size.

What are your top 3 lingerie brands, and why/for what products?

Caralyn - Elomi, Sculptresse by Panache and Hanky Panky. Elomi was the first brand I ever discovered my true size, therefore I will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart for them! Their Matilda bra fits me like a GLOVE, it's my go-to bra underneath every dress and low-cut blouse. Panache/ Sculptresse has had some great swim offerings in the past, they were one of the first bra-sized swimsuit brands that I ever discovered and I keep going back for their quality and fit. Lastly, I love Hanky Panky! As someone who has always been a little intimidated to wear thongs, I've recently fell in love with their offerings and how size inclusive they are!

Taylor - At the moment I don’t have a “top 3”, but I can give you my 2 favorite lingerie brands: Curvy Kate and Savage Fenty. My favorite bra from Curvy Kate, is their Victory bra. Not only do I love the fit and structure of the bra, but I love that it comes in continuity and fashion colors. Curvy Kate has done a spectacular job with making ALL women feel beautiful, sexy and included. I also love how their lingerie campaigns always highlight a diverse range of women. This is one of the main reasons why I support them, in addition to their well-fitting lingerie. Savage Fenty has also done a great job with body inclusion. I love Rihanna for making sure all women feel sexy while wearing her products. I have a high waist thong by Savage Fenty that I swear by. I love that it gives me full coverage in the front for my tummy, but is still a thong in the back. It’s perfect!

Chantelle - I love AdoreMe, Playful Promises and Yandy. They all have great prices and the size range you can’t beat. I also appreciate all the different colors and styles they offer, it’s refreshing to see.

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