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KENT Woman is an organic underwear and loungewear brand based in Los Angeles, designed to help women delightfully start and end each day. The Annual Brief is women’s organic underwear on auto-pilot, annually - think of Dollar Shave Club for women’s organic underwear.

Tell us a general overview of The Annual Brief – what’s it all about?

The Annual Brief is women’s organic underwear on auto-pilot, annually. Studies show that we should replace our everyday underwear once a year to stay healthy – but who keeps track of that? The majority of our underwear is also made of synthetics (nylon, spandex) that are derived from harmful petrochemical-based materials or fabrics grown in pesticides. We take the guesswork out of knowing when it’s time to swap out old underwear for new pairs as well as keep you (and the planet) healthy.

You’re currently raising money on Kickstarter. If you end up raising all the funds in time, when will The Annual Brief open for business?

The Annual Brief is the first organic Pima subscription from KENT Woman – organic underwear and loungewear brand designed and produced in Los Angeles. After Kickstarter, The Annual Briefs will be delivered in the beginning of December!

What inspired you to create The Annual Brief?

We’ve been focused on creating beautiful, organic underwear for women since day one. While we had beautiful organic silks, I wanted to create a more accessible, everyday brief that women would love to reach for every single morning. And because we women have on average 34 pairs of underwear in their drawer - 30 for Monday through Friday and about 4 ‘special occasion’ ones - we wanted to provide a go-to, super healthy, ultra-breathable alternative for that Monday through Friday.

What sets The Annual Brief apart from other underwear subscriptions?

The Annual Brief is the first organic Pima cotton underwear subscription for women. We use Pima cotton because it’s the highest quality, smoothest and ultra-breathable option.

Why should people use 100% cotton underwear?

Organics and natural fabrics are at the core of preventing bacterial and yeast infections. Breathability and age of underwear also play a big part. 100% organic cotton works beautifully to help prevent infection; our Annual Brief is more accessible price-wise and so maybe an easier, healthier everyday option.

Do you, personally, buy all organic products (when possible)?

I do! At least I try to whenever possible. I’m quite conscious about what a put on my body and in my body, and am always on the hunt for beautiful, certified organic products.

How often is the subscription? It is customizable?

It is an annual subscription, each year, subscribers will receive a note that their underwear is ready for an annual refresh. It is definitely customizable – you can change up styles, colors, sizes before your next delivery. You can also customize quantity, with bigger bundles offering bigger savings - all delivered right to their door. We take the guesswork out of knowing when it’s time to replace old underwear for new sets. Our vision is to be women’s go-to choice for healthy and organic everyday briefs.

What’s the recommended life-length of new underwear?

Studies show that we should replace our everyday underwear once a year to help prevent bacterial, UTI and yeast infections.

What are your available size ranges?

We offer sizes from XS to 3XL, that’s a dress size 0 to 18.

How important is recycling for you and The Annual Brief?

The Recycle Club is an extremely important part for us in our commitment to being landfill-free – which is better for people and the planet. Each Annual Brief comes with a Landfill Free Recycle Club Pouch to return briefs past their prime to our recycling partner to be refined and repurposed (i.e. into insulation) and diverted from landfill. For Pouches received, we provide a credit for their next order.

You currently only carry black or white brief options. Will you be expanding the color choices?

Absolutely. Stay tuned on Kickstarter as we’re planning a limited edition color before the campaign ends.

You currently carry 3 styles: high-waist, bikini, and thong. Will you be expanding the style choices?

We will be! We’re listening to what women what beyond these three styles, and plan to introduce new options later this year.

Any exciting new developments that we should be looking forward to?

Beyond The Annual Brief, we are launching our organic silks with a major department store this fall. More to come soon!

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