Interview with Renaud Cambuzet: Chief Creative Officer at Chantelle

Outside of the lingerie world, what would you say is your biggest source of inspiration?

Art. People. Travel.

What factors drive Chantelle’s brand vision?

Relevance. Courage. Respect. Meaning. These factors have been guiding us since we started this new journey two years ago.

In 2019, as a major lingerie player, we believe we have responsibilities. We aim to bring meaning through qualitative products, deep human values and a different perspective on lingerie and how it is portrayed. Over the past few years, we have seen some macro trends flourishing among brands and in fashion, from disruption to authenticity and inclusivity. We are all about relevance.

Respect is what we stand for. We believe we should reflect the human complexity with the respect it deserves. We refuse caricatures and stereotypes of any kind. Stepping out of the confines of standardized, bland beauty, representing and talking to new types of femininity, avoiding any form of strict, stereotyped gender definition, celebrating the energy and promise of our time through unbridled creativity, leaving each person to their free interpretation and opinions, such are the values at the heart of our approach to creation, which imbues us with a sense of responsibility. The question of women and femininity are rich and demanding topics and we feel committed to offering multiple answers that hopefully can contribute to making our world a more inspiring place.

What has changed throughout the history of the company in regards to the brand image?

The codes and aesthetic may have varied over the years, but Chantelle has always had a classy and elegant image, digging into its French heritage and DNA. What is specific to these days is probably our creative and almost activist approach. Whatever we do, it must make sense and make a difference.

Who is the Chantelle Woman?

She can be anyone. We lead with an idea, not a demographic target. Our products are designed for those who want to feel great in body and mind.

How do you balance both comfort and fit with style and design in all of your collections?

That balance is exactly what Chantelle is about : offering amazing comfort and perfect fit combined with a timeless design. The expertise and know-how acquired over 140 years, together with a strong focus on innovation and creativity are some of the key factors of the brand.

What are the values of the brand?

Product-wise: quality, style, innovation and fit. Image-wise: respect, meaning, creativity. Overall, we have a certain love for design, simplicity and creativity.

What Chantelle innovations are you the most proud of and why?

Like I said, quality and innovation are at the heart of our group vision and are particularly focused on comfort. This is how we developed our new SoftStretch line which is one of the most amazing innovations in this industry. One-size, invisible, stretchy, and revolutionary in its unequaled comfort, this new range of products is a life changer for every woman who tries it. This is an unprecedented success that will make your life so much simpler.

What does it mean to Chantelle to receive Lingerie Designer of the Year?

It is truly an honor to receive this award, which recognizes a significant joint effort across all brands of the CL group (Chantelle Lingerie) since 2017. We are delighted with this, especially since the theme selected by the Salon this year (“Fall in love with yourself”) reflects the values we represent, and which are at the very core of what our brand offers. The industry remains polarized between archetypes that have certainly evolved, yet which continue to exist. We try to defend a more authentic, bolder vision that is resolutely creative and able to reflect the complexity of our society and all the richness of the individuals that make it up, in a relevant manner.

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