Interview with Vanessa Causse: Designer Trend Forecaster to Eurovet and Trend Union

What are the first indicators of Trend that allow you to decrypt the lingerie market and the desires of consumers?

The consumer society but also its mode of organization tells us its aspirations. A trend is determined through social-cultural movements to breathe new life into our products and our way of consuming them.

New York is also the place to observe and analyze the new behavior of buyers. Retail is more and more innovative, leaning more towards a tailor made offer and offering exclusive products. The Story Store, the Adidas Store Concept, the Faith Connection Store ... show how new consumers have an educated eye, know the market and are looking for a sharp product offering.

Can the lingerie sector be included in an exclusive trend offer? What are the codes of this offer?

The lingerie sector is innovative, always looking for new materials and new forms to initiate a very ready-to-wear lingerie inspiration. This is why lingerie is becoming designed more and more for highly architected products. The sets play on asymmetry, color combinations and a design of very graphic cuts. Laser cutting techniques allow precision design for a highly sought after and comfortable aesthetic. The seamless is essential to his collections studied.

Also, the younger generation wants to give a practical sense to their purchases and can wear them with simplicity. That's why this trend is called Easy-to-Wear. It responds to a desire to be part of practical and aesthetic purchases without sacrificing quality.

Is there a more creative offer possible in the midst of this need to buy useful and aesthetic?

Of course! Without creativity, the fashion market is dead! In response to this primary need to make sense of our purchases, hence a need for ease of wearing parts and maintaining them, we give in to shopping pleasures. Ruffles and frills decorate lingerie sets for exceptional occasions.

Moreover, swimwear is influenced by this trend for jersey pieces that celebrate summer and silhouette, becoming a very summer-time purchase. There is a great return of one-piece swimsuit where the ruffles dress the décolleté and the shoulder in very demonstrative pie es

Lingerie likes to bring volume to suggest an elegant seduction; all in layers! This Time-to-Wear trend displays our style, silhouette through ostentatious products. New collections are designed for exceptional products, linked to particular occasions.

The concept of tailor-made, like sustainable shopping guide, for time-to-wear events and for an easy-to-wear lingerie. Does the market still have room for a purely Fashion offer?

Consumers have not given up to indulge themselves and still love as much if not more fashion, lingerie. This is why lingerie and beachwear brands offer collections that are halfway between ready-to-wear and accessories. The bra is bigger, like the textile. The pieces become tops to wear differently and give them to see, to guess. This Style-to-Wear trend draws heavily on vintage cuts and prints for stylish, feminine silhouettes. This season offers a multitude of prints that come back in strength through sustained and colorful colors.

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