Intimate Apparel Brands to Watch

The intimate apparel industry brings elegance and sexiness to women everywhere. See some of the newest players on the market, whose collections are not to be missed!

Atelier Amour

The Parisian brand, Atelier Amour challenges the convention of traditional lingerie to offer unique and playful pieces that allude romance. The brand combines the finest materials, gold detailing and branded accent charms to fuel sexiness and desire. The erotic-chic brand brings sophistication and provocativeness.

Le Petit Trou

Le Petit Trou revolves around the metaphor of the sexy cuts hidden in the silhouettes of intimate apparel. It is a premium brand that uses quality materials sourced from France and Italy and local production and design in Poland. The goal of the product is to bring sexiness and beauty into a woman’s everyday life.


Lickstarter is a playful underwear brand from Latvia, that designs product for women who like to play with boundaries. Their products are carefully crafted with cruelty free fabrics, machine printed and sewn locally by experienced seamstresses. Lickstarter brings spirited and sassy products to the intimate apparel industry.


Milakrasna is a fashion-forward bodywear brand influenced by dance aesthetics and the modern harmony of sports elements and sophisticated allure. Each piece is designed and handmade in Slovenia using only selected, high quality and sustainable materials. The styles provide allure and confidence while keeping up with the functionalities of activewear and movement expressions.

Monique Morin

Monique Morin is a brand that aims to bridge the gap in intimate apparel between comfort, inclusivity, and fashion forward product designs. The brand concept is anchored around versatility, offering pieces perfect for layering. Monique Morin breaks the boundaries of conformity in lingerie by presenting unique and striking pieces, reinvented for the modern woman.

Something Wicked

Something Wicked is an independent British brand that creates innovative lingerie collections that empower women to express themselves through exploring their desires. The brand seeks to provide the market with beautiful provocative lingerie through ethical production and sourcing. The brand essence came be most easily understood by the phrase – Run by women, made by women, for the empowerment of women.

Taryn Winters

Taryn Winters is a New York based intimate apparel brand designed with a focus on delicate details and attention to beauty. The brand illuminates femininity and grace through products with unique and elegant designs. Each piece is designed with attention to detail to make for pure luxury.

Undress Code

Undress Code is a Polish brand that was launched in December 2016. The core of Undress Code's philosophy is a modern woman and her ever-changing needs. The pieces are based on a need of functionality without the resignation from the fashionable style and are made to be worn as outwear.

Wylde Lingerie

Wylde Lingerie is an intimates brand born out of love for lingerie and all things romantic. The brand seeks to combine elements of love, lust and romance in all of their pieces. The brand has a strong dedication to women, and donates 2% of revenue to local charities that provide female support.

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