Intimate Brands Excelling in Bodysuits

In alignment with the overall movement of bodywear taking over the intimate apparel market, the bodysuit has stood at the forefront of this trend. The bodysuit has evolved from an 80’s staple, popular in home-workout videos to a piece that in the last years has exploded into a ready-to-wear essential. Intimate apparel brands have a strong advantage in the offer of bodysuits on the market due to their expertise in the most precise fit of a woman’s body. Competencies in fit can easily make or break the design of an item worn so closely and snugly on the body.


The beauty of a bodysuit designed by an intimate apparel brand is the ability to integrate the finest laces and mesh into the production of the piece. Bodysuits provide the best tool of a fashion-forward layering look because of the impeccable fit that will fall perfectly under other items – think flowy tops, cardigans or blazers. The goal of a perfect layering piece should be to add a textural element to the whole outfit, a pop of color or a sexy sneak peek.


A seamless bodysuit brings a base of comfort that creates a smoothing base layer. Seamless options are perfect for the wearer who seeks ultimate ease when selecting their bodywear. Intimate Apparel brands have been focusing on the production of exemplary seamless garments in the market and with the silhouette of the bodysuit have been excelling overall.


Intimate Apparel brands excel in the design and production of supportive bodysuits due to their skills derived from the production of innerwear. These bodysuits both hold and support the wearer while still providing the ability to let the piece act as a ready-to-wear item. The beauty of a bodysuit that offers both support and a fashionable nature is that the item can work in replacement of a supportive bra or a shapewear piece but still maintain the ability to be shown off.

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