Liberté is a size-inclusive lingerie brand launched by veteran model Amber Tolliver. With a unique perspective on the industry as a whole Amber set out to create a brand that provides lingerie made to complement women and give them the opportunity to embrace their true self. Made from premium lace, ultra-fine mesh & specially engineered microfiber, their lingerie is designed to be supportive, comfortable and beautiful. With sizes ranging from 32C - 38H and XS - 2XL, Liberté provides gorgeous options for many women who have often been left out, while empowering them to be confident in themselves.

Liberté’s new collections, Bowery and Crosby, feature unlined demi and plunge bras with staggered component sizes to ensure every woman has what she needs to feel supported. They also offer a wide range of matching underwear styles ensuring there is something for everyone.

K + 1%

K+1% creates period proof underwear while still providing cute styles allowing women to feel their best on their period. K+1%’s goal is to allow women to feel just as excited to wear their period pants as they are to put on any other lingerie. Providing fashionable and functional sanitary lingerie will allow women to feel more comfortable and confident during their period.

In 2020 K+1% plans to expand the colors their garments are provided in as well as expand their size range.


Driven by a spirit of innovation and a fierce desire to develop Swiss quality products, Léon Fogal launched his own production and embarked on a most ambitious exercise - integrating natural fibers such as cashmere and silk into what would become the most luxurious stockings, socks and tights in the world. The brand became a global player in the legwear industry, distinguishing itself by creating collections with innovative style a myriad of colors. In early 2019, the entrepreneur couple, Edouard and Margaux Burrus, took over Fogal. Touched by the soul, elegance and heritage of the brand, they decided to give a new financial and creative energy to this storied Swiss classic. The launch of new eco-conscious packaging, the development of recycled pantyhose as well as the appointment of the omni-talented Swiss Creative Director, Jean-Luc Amsler, are amongst the innovations that will be presented at Curve New York.

Now more than ever, Fogal celebrates women’s legs and remains a symbol of elegance and coquetry. Pantyhose have become the ever-so comfortable, ever-so appealing, must-have accessory in every woman’s wardrobe.


Natalie Begg is an independent designer from Melbourne specializing in quality hand-made

silk garments. Natalie is fully involved in every aspect of creating her designs, from the creative techniques in hand-painting delicate silks to the mechanics of pattern making and manufacturing, finally showcasing her collections to her clients.

Natalie Begg features a range of 100% natural silk garments that are hand-painted by Natalie. Her signature style sees bold use of color, dramatic forms, as well as delicate, blended shades. The next collection will incorporate silk wool in pieces that are designed to adapt to the environment, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. These garments are made for women and are designed to make them look and feel like their best self.

Natalie Begg believes that the clothes should fit the woman; the woman shouldn’t have to fit the clothes.

They have a strong sustainability focus, committing to minimal waste and a low carbon footprint. All Natalie Begg garments are repaired free of charge to ensure they last a lifetime.


Mary Young offers ethical Canadian-made functional garments that celebrate natural beauty and encourage body positivity. Their mission is to ignite and inspire moments of self-love and acceptance through their intimates. Mary Young designs feature organic rayon from bamboo, jersey, and buttery soft mesh, that offer long lasting wear and fit seamlessly into any wardrobe. They are growing a community that challenges the narrative of “sexy” by offering wearers functional intimates that are designed to empower them to reclaim their bodies.

As Mary Young grows they continue to offer their consumers garments that celebrate and embody their lifestyle. This year they are releasing styles that are meant to be both worn at home and effortlessly taken out of the home. Their functional lounge garments embody ease for their consumers making it a priority, allowing the wearer to feel ready for anything their day will bring

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