Intimates Collab with RTW Brands

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

There is no doubt that ready to wear is the first category people think of when they think – FASHION. But what about bodywear -- what are you wearing underneath? When people get dressed, it might not even be part of their outfit planning process to think about what will be the first pieces they put on their body, but it should be. What you wear underneath can define your whole outfit, your whole mood, and your overall confidence. Intimate Apparel brands collaborate with ready to wear brands to cement a sense that these pieces, while necessary, can also be a key to elevate style from the foundation level.

From an intimate apparel brand perspective, how do you find a ready to wear brand that fits with your overall brand essence and collaborate with them on a collection to boost both brands’ values? Often times, intimate apparel brands seek a brand that meshes seamlessly with theirs in terms of style and aesthetic or compliments it in an interesting way. Aubade is an intimate apparel brand with a rich history, using exquisite silhouettes, intricates laces and feminine detail to create exemplary products since 1958. Aubade recently collaborated with VIKTOR&ROLF based on the vision that combining their creativity, complicity, and audacity with the avant-garde nature of the designer duo Viktor & Rolf would lead to an extraordinary capsule collection. VIKTOR&ROLF is a designer brand that was created by Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren in 1993 - inspired by art, architecture, and surrealism. Both brands share a love for colors, floral prints, tulle, embroidery, lace, and Paris – making this collaboration one that could be designed flawlessly together. Both Aubade and VIKTOR&ROLF strive to break the codes of classic femininity through the design of strong silhouettes and seductive designs. In Aubade’s case, this collaboration was determined to be an extension of their brand identity, translated into more avant-garde pieces that aligned with the VIKTOR&ROLF design aesthetic.

Another motivation for an intimate apparel brand to collaborate with a ready to wear company can be to reach a new audience – whether that be based around size, style, or location. Cosabella, founded in 1983, is an intimate apparel brand that blends Italian artisanship with forwarding innovation. They launched a collaboration with ELOQUII, a plus-size ready to wear brand focused on both fashion and fit, in efforts to expand their reach to a broader audience in the plus category. ELOQUII’s team is experts in fit for sizes 14+, launching a collaboration with them gave Cosabella the opportunity to provide products not only for the ELOQUII audience but for their own audience as well. “We are thrilled to finally be designing for a customer we’ve never had the ability to design for before. This collaboration with Cosabella is the perfect example of ELOQUII’s revolutionary efforts in merging test-driven fit techniques and fashion trends into a premium product,” said Silvia Campello, Co-CEO at Cosabella. Utilizing the expert production resources of another company provided Cosabella the chance to further their reach to an additional customer base but maintain the brand spirit while doing do. This strategic move is an excellent motivation for an intimate apparel brand to collaborate with a ready to wear brand.

There lie many opportunities for both intimate apparel and ready to wear brands to achieve overall success when collaborating cross-functionally. The aim of the collaboration should always remain to provide an exemplary product for the consumer and to push forward the elements of both fashion and functionality.

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