Activewear is no longer just an undergarment or something you only work out in. Many consumers have been incorporating active/intimate wear in their regular wardrobe. Trends include matching sets, bright colors, translucent fabrics, and cutouts. These features allow consumers to pick apparel pieces that highlight their personal style and allow them to feel unique. Although these pieces are starting to be worn in an everyday setting, that does not stop the consumer from working out in them.

Versatile pieces are becoming more common in the consumers everyday wardrobe. Being able to wear a piece during the day, to work out, or even out at night is appealing too. Even if the consumer wears an activewear piece to work they still expect the comfort and support they receive while working out. Having pieces that are both trendy and functional allows the consumer to receive more wear out of each one. We talked to the following brands about their efforts in creating adaptable activewear.


Empreinte provides a unique experience for women allowing them to be in touch with their bodies, banish self-consciousness and build selfconfidence. Empreinte has created Initiale, a sportswear line which combines sport with a contemporary feel, a unique blend of performance and comfort that is distinctly chic and feminine. The sports bras in this line guarantee support up to an H cup. The bra is exceptionally light weight as well as fashionable, allowing the customer to wear it wherever she pleases. Pour Moi’s active wear line will have you feeling confident no matter the occasion. Whether you’re a yoga bunny, weekend warrior, or just going shopping, no wardrobe is complete without one of their bounce-defying sports bras.

Pour Moi

 “We believe that the same bra should look just as good in a G cup as it does in a B cup. It should be the same bra for everyone,” states Pour Moi.

Whether you feel supported in nonwired, high-necked options, or choose underwired sports bras to add the wowfactor to your workout silhouette, Pour Moi has your back. What we love is they are so fashion-forward the customer will want to wear them on their own, showing off their details. They also create leggings to match, following the popular trend of matching sets. These sets are a perfect touch to anyone’s wardrobe.

 Panache Sport has created the ultimate sports bra, delivering maximum support, comfort and stability and enabling women of all sizes to take part in any sport at any level.  By encapsulating the breasts rather than simply strapping them down, they comfortably reduce ‘bounce’ by an amazing 83%, while still fitting and feeling like a normal bra. Panache Sport is available in sizes 28-40, and cup size B-H.

This season Panache was inspired by tech-glam meets bright prep. Created with luxurious fabrics, and shimmer effects with playful color hues and high visibility, the Panache consumer is bound to stand out in these bold sports bras. The fashion forward styles also allow women to incorporate these bras into their everyday wardrobe my wearing them as tops, over

shirts, or peeking out under a jacket. Panache

Whatever the consumer chooses they are bound to make a statement with the Panache sport bra.  



Bandelettes thigh bands are a unique product that addresses painful thigh chafing in a fashionable and chic way. These thigh bands are perfect for the woman that experiences chafing while running, working out, or even just walking around the city. Chafing is normal but uncomfortable! So Bandelettes thigh bands took the market by storm and became a must-have product for women of all ages, sizes and shapes. This product helps women to feel comfortable no matter what she decides to take on. Whether you’re working out or exploring the city,  Bandelettes has you covered when it comes to your thighs. No one wants to be uncomfortable when wearing their favorite shorts, skirt, dress, etc. That’s why Bandelettes has created a fashionable alternative to avoid this common discomfort.



Leonisa’s ActiveLife Activewear collection features 3 levels of compression using the brand’s signature fabrics. The extensive line of Leggings features the company’s trademark fabrics: DuraFit® for moderate shaping compression and PowerSlim® for firm sculpting compression. These fabrics shape the body, flattening the tummy and reducing chafing while stylizing the legs. These pieces are an effortless way to look and feel great during workouts or every day!

In addition to the shapewear innovations, Leonisa’s activewear also provides fashion forward pieces that are versatile for any part of the day. Including sports bras, shapewear, leggings, and more. Following the trends, Leonisa, has matching sets as well as mix-and-match pieces. Some pieces include cutouts, fun patterns/colors, and mesh details. Leonisa’s pieces come in a variety of fits and styles allowing you to express yourself in and out of the gym.

Overall, versatile activewear is a great way to allow consumers to be comfortable, fashionable, and ready for anything. These pieces will allow the everyday woman to go from work to the gym with ease. 

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