That’s right, sleepwear is not only for sleeping and loungewear is not just for relaxing at home. Trends to look for include matching sets, slips and lounge dresses, tailored pajama sets, button up sleep shirts, and knotted/ wrap tops and cardigans No matter what your style is there is a sloungewear brand for you.


Hanro has combined ready-to-wear style with lingerie creating a real fashion statement - the key concept of Individuals @ Hanro. Their lounge dress is perfect for traveling, relaxing or lounging around. The dress is a great addition to your wardrobe, just throw it on and you’re good to go! The sleek silhouette allows you to feel comfortable all day while looking put together. 

“With Individuals @ Hanro, we’re shaking up the traditional categories of daywear, nightwear, and loungewear,” explains Hanro CEO Stephan Hohmann. “Ultimately, it’s the consumer who decides these days when and how she wears different items and what she styles them with.”

Skarlett Blue

Bringing their own twist to the lounge dress, Skarlett Blue creates sloungewear that is simple and refined. Streamlined silhouettes that are thoughtfully designed for effortless wear, Skarlett Blue calls it relaxed elegance.

The brand combines innovative design with feminine styling to create pieces that are focused on quality, fit and above all, comfort. We love the effortless look it can give a woman, whether she wears it out with her everyday wardrobe or with her slippers around the


If you need a comfortable and fashionable option for a slip, Natori has you covered. Natori’s Affair Collection provides the perfect solution for combining a sexy loungewear piece into your everyday wardrobe. The Affair slip in black café, provides comfort for around the house as well as the ability to wear the piece under a garment while out and about. The crystal tulle at the center front offers containment that is invisible on the body and perfect for a low cut dress.  Natori


The lounge dress isn’t what you’re looking for? Check out Empreinte’s lounge pants. Empreinte is enriching its InPulse range with Allure, its new sport-chic design collection, combing innovation and emotion. Allure is a complete collection (bra, briefs, top and trousers) designed to both look good and be comfortable when you are at home or on the go. We find these pants to be perfect for traveling, running errands, or just hanging out with your friends and family. No one will regret incorporating these lounge pants into their wardrobe.



Evelyn & Bobbie’s loungewear line features comfortable and simple silhouettes in a wide range of sizes allowing women to feel confident when wearing them no matter where you are. From yoga, to work, to lounge, Evelyn & Bobbie’s lounge bra is the perfect pick for everyday comfort. The unprecedented lift and smoothing comfort make this unlike any bra you’ve ever tried. Patented soft-laminated layers provide support for up to an H cup with no hard pieces. Every woman will love the versatility of this bra just as much as we do!

Evelyn & Bobbie


Natalie Begg’s loungewear line provides women with different opportunities to incorporate the sloungwear trend into their everyday wardrobe. Her hand-painted silk kimonos and slips can be worn in the bedroom or on the street incorporating loungewear into streetwear. Natalie’s oversized silk T-shirts and nightshirts provide a flattering silhouette allowing women to wear them for any occasion.

Natalie Begg

Each piece is made from 100% natural silk and some designs feature front button detail to ensure they are suitable for nursing mothers. Not only is this a great piece to incorporate into a woman’s everyday wardrobe, the colors of the kimono are incredible.


Mix and match sets are also popular for the sloungewear trend. Hanro provides multiple set options for both men and women. They have combined ready-to-wear style with lingerie creating a real fashion statement - the key concept of Individuals @ Hanro. Mixing and matching leads to the creation of endless combinations that blur the lines between nightwear and daywear, as well as inner and outerwear. We personally can’t get enough of the fashion forward silhouettes they provide in each piece. Hanro’s sets are a perfect way to be comfortable and chic at the same time, combining each piece into your wardrobe effortlessly. 


This winter, Verdiani has luxurious matching pajama/loungewear sets. The collection is defined by the celebration of luxury, elegance and beauty. These sets are perfect together or as separates, allowing every woman to feel elegant.


Sloungewear pieces can be easily incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe. No matter the occasion, you can find a piece of sloungewear that will bring both comfort and style to every outfit. 

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