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Intimate Apparel is a category that still so many women surmise as a basic bra and panty, despite the true fashion capabilities of modern lingerie. This category of clothing is not to be overlooked as a key element to upgrade your entire look, item to show off, and a factor in providing an overall boost of personal confidence. Intimate apparel brands today are driving innovation in design, fit and production that allow for these pieces to not only be a tool of comfort and support under your clothes, but also an addition to a truly amazing look. There are many ways to use lingerie as a styling component to your outfit from a more conservative peek of lace to a bold display of skin.


Who says a bra can’t be shown off? Today’s intimate apparel brands are creating bra silhouettes with opaque fabrics that are perfect for taking to the street. Combine these pieces with a pair of high waisted jeans or silky midi skirt for an on-trend look. The opaque fabrics allow for the wearer to feel confident that they are still covered up, but provide the opportunity to still show off their décolleté in a flirty way. Interesting textures of the fabrics such as mesh inserts, cut-outs or sparkly accents allow for the bra top to be portrayed as a true trend piece. Sporty silhouettes provide for more coverage and can easily double as a crop top. Layer on a cardigan, blazer or wide-tooth knit to cover up a bit, but still have a sexy feminine expression.


Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics on the market and intimate apparel brands are experts in constructing it into beautiful silhouettes. Take your silky slip and layer it over a long-sleeve top, combined with a pair of heels, for a night-on-the-town look. Alternatively, add a basic white tee, jean jacket and pair of trendy sneakers for a day time look. Mini and midi length slips can be transformed into daywear when combined with opaque tights to add some extra coverage. Silky robes are perfect accessories to dress up any look. and when cinched with a belt, provide a trendy layering option. The silk robe id s unique layer piece - one that is functional and stylish. Utilize silk items to add a feeling of romance to any outfit.


Nothing represents modern trends better than mesh, a fabric that allows a peek of skin in the most chic way possible. Long sleeve mesh items allow for the wearer to be covered fully while providing a sexy skin-baring element. Intimate apparel brands excel in the production of mesh pieces due to their knowledge and utilization of the finest mesh fabrics on the market. A long sleeve mesh item, whether constructed as a bodysuit or top, can be layered underneath a tank or sleeveless dress to add a new layer of intrigue. Wear a mesh piece over a bra top for a daring look that shows off just the right amount of skin.


Pajamas are now items that can be easily taken outside the bedroom. Pieces best styled into outerwear looks during the warmer seasons, these light-weight cotton and linen fabrics create breezy silhouettes. Best for an ultra-casual look or a quick trip out for errands, style your pajamas into an effortless look. Throw a surplus jacket over a daywear dress or button down pajama top to transform the piece. Separate your pajama sets and utilize the pieces individually, or wear the whole set for a more uniform and a truly comfortable and casual outerwear look.


The easiest way to show off your lingerie without showing too much skin is to wear pieces accented with straps and harnesses. The strappy look adds an edge to any outfit. Items with straps can either be part of the bra or bodysuit, or purchased as an additional accessory in the form of a harness or choker. Combine these items with a v-neck top to accent your outfit with a bit of sexiness. Layer items adorned with straps under a mesh top to add an alluring layered look and a true display of sex appeal.

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