Up + Coming: Evelyn and Bobbie

Winners of CURVE NEW YORK’s February 2019 “Favorite New Brand” title, Evelyn & Bobbie is the new brand that’s blazing trails in the lingerie industry.

Evelyn & Bobbie was founded in 2015, and is operated in Portland, Oregon by a team of passionate women. The brand is known for its commitment to providing lingerie that is both beautiful and functional. Featured in VOGUE in March 2019, Evelyn & Bobbie is making waves in the industry because of their commitment to inclusivity and technology in design.

We sat down with Evelyn & Bobbie’s passionate founder and CEO Bree McKeen to find out more about the philosophy and vision of the brand.

What inspired you to start a brand in the lingerie industry?

What motivated me to start the company was my own dissatisfaction with intimates. I did not have a great experience with underwire bras as a 34DDD. I couldn’t wear bras without underwires, so I wanted to create products that could be comfortable all day long and could still work for the modern-professional woman, like myself. It was also based on seeing really incredible innovations in manufacturing and material science, but noticing that a lot of brands were really focused on fashion first in the industry. Most women that I know want fashion yes, but it needs to get the job done first – which means they can put it on and forget about it.

What was your background?

My background was not in fashion and to be honest I have not really been that interested, but I have always been obsessed with perfect products. I was working in Consumer Healthcare investing and I got to see a lot of cool technologies while in that sector, including advanced material science and 3-D design environments, but none of that was really making its way to the development of the products I cared most about.

I wanted a product - ergonomic bra - that took the weight of my curves off of shoulders onto my core.

How was your coming into the lingerie industry after having been accustomed to a very different industry?

While there is a long traditional history in intimates, much of the industry has really focused on continuing that tradition. That was not my mindset, I didn’t want to do things the way they had been done before. The hardest part was finding experienced product developers that were willing to let go of the way things had been done before and try something new.

What are the significance of the names ‘Evelyn’ & ‘Bobbie’?

Evelyn was my maternal grandmother and Bobbie was my great-aunt. I named the company after two real women who meant a lot to me, in part because we exist to create a new legacy. From a brand perspective, our goal is to hold up the mirror for real women today and serve as a reminder that your beauty comes from the inside out. Evelyn was a model and starlit, she stands for beauty. Bobbie was a world traveler, entrepreneur and a seamstress, she stands for purpose. Our brand mandate is the same, that everything we do should have beauty and purpose.

What sets your brand apart from other lingerie brands?

Inclusivity. We fit sizes 0-26 in a minimal amount of SKUs. We do that because bodies change and we want to create products that actually do the job for a full spectrum of bodies. We use fabrics and stitch-free technology to deliver for a full range of women.

We are already in love with the Evelyn & Bobbie collections thus far – What do we have to look forward to in upcoming seasons?

Over the next few seasons we will continue expanding our line of elevated intimates. We also have plans to dive into new product categories. As we grow, you can always trust that Evelyn & Bobbie products will be inclusive, beautiful and will get the job done. We design down to the tiniest detail so you can throw our garments on and go about your day. Because you have more important things to think about.

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