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Beginning with early roots in the late 1970’s, the innerwear as outerwear trend has expanded and evolved into a massive global movement. 50 years ago, it was unheard of for women to wear lingerie uncovered by clothing and visible to strangers. With the help of pioneering brands and fearless, modern women, exposing your innerwear has become widely accepted and on-trend. We spoke with a few intimate apparel brands dominating the movement, and learned each brands’ take on the tips that are crucial to styling lingerie as a major part your final look!


Cosabella first gained popularity in the 1980s with their development of thong bodysuits. In this way, the brand was one of the pioneers of the innerwear as outerwear trend. Cosabella created these thong bodysuits with the modern woman in mind – one who is adventurous and confident, yet practical, and has no time for panty-lines. Since the 1980s, the brand has continued to produce lingerie and innerwear that is too pretty to be hidden under clothing. Each season, from crop tops to bralettes to sheer mesh bodysuits, Cosabella offers a wide range of layering essentials that reinforce and encourage the innerwear as outerwear trend.

Styling for the trend is simple. It’s all about layering. A bodysuit and jeans work great as an off-duty look for running errands or a weekend brunch. A lacy camisole under a suit jacket or peeking out of a white button-down blouse adds a little something special to your 9 to 5 look.


The ELSE spirit is effortlessly elegant, irresistibly feminine, timeless and true. With distinctive styles and a personal touch, the brand celebrates beauty for the everyday. ELSE pieces are designed to form a harmonious balance between form and function, style and substance, grace and strength, and aesthetics and comfort. Many of the brand’s pieces can be styled into outerwear, as ELSE aims to design lingerie that can be styled as a complimentary item. Many of the brand’s designs feature nude linings – specifically for the purpose of wearing your innerwear as outerwear.

ELSE uses a nude lining underneath beautiful sheer fabrics, as well as providing sporty opaque options, allowing the wearer to convert their pieces into bra tops. This design feature allows for the wearer to show off their intimates while maintaining comfortable by not showing too much skin.


Mikakrasna is a fashion-forward bodywear brand, inspired and influenced by dance aesthetics and ballet. The brand’s bodywear creates a modern harmony of sports aesthetics and sophisticated allure. All Milakrasna garments are designed and handmade in Slovenia, using only the highest quality selection of long-lasting sustainable materials that feel like a second skin. The designs both support the natural beauty of female bodies and provide them the seductive energy to move. Their styles provide the allure and confidence of lingerie while maintaining the functionality of activewear. It is within this duality that Milakrasna continues to search for innovative forms of expression and construction, to translate the power of movement into designs themselves.

Milakrasna combines sporty yet soft fabrics with daring mesh to create truly bold pieces. The mesh is used in innovative ways in combination with cut-outs that create a daring-yet-feminine look. Wear their items on their own or peeking underneath a sheer layer to add a dynamic element to the final outfit.


Helena Stuart founded Only Hearts in 1978, creating fashion’s first “Inner Outerwear™” collection. This revolutionized the undergarment industry, encouraging that pieces be visible from the outside. Sensuous, natural, and just a little bit naughty, Only Hearts proudly manufactures its products in New York City using local, deadstock and certified made-in-green textiles. To Only Hearts, innerwear as outerwear is not just a trend – it is their raison d’etre. When Helena started the brand, the idea of wearing a camisole as a shirt was pretty edgy. The fact that this way of dressing became a global trend represents a real re-set in the way women are choosing to express their values about comfort and femininity, which inspires Only Hearts to continue.

Only Hearts produces products that beg to be shown off. Using sheer materials, luxury silks and beautiful laces, their pieces are perfect for layering together. Combine a sheer top under a silk slip for a truly show-stopping look.


A luxury lingerie and sleepwear brand, Rya Collection is dedicated to the passionate, socially conscious, and stylish woman who has the courage to break boundaries, express her individuality and discover her own path in life. The brand embodies whimsical and romantic silhouettes, artisanally designed with breathtaking embroideries, laces, and other intricate details. Ethereal yet powerful, Rya Collection is romance for the modern woman. The brand’s pieces are designed to make a statement, begging to be worn in and out of the bedroom. Rya Collection women are sensual yet bold, and confidently transition their lingerie into daywear.

Layer their exquisitely designed pieces under a blazer for a professional yet sensual look. Combine their slip dresses with a long-sleeve top to add a dynamic element to the outfit. Their pieces portray a romantic spirit that should be shown off.


The core of Undress Code’s philosophy is a modern woman and her ever-changing needs. Pieces are based around the need for functionality, without the resignation of style. Collections combine fashion and art with modern cuts, seamlessly transferring between lingerie and Innerwear as Outerwear. The brand creates pieces with the highest quality fabrics from Italy and France, sewn to optimize comfort. Undress Code’s products are a symbol of the entirely fulfilled woman, whom they support as a brand by being present during women’s initiatives and supporting women’s foundations.

Combine Undress Code’s modern chic bodysuits with classic jeans or a mini skirt for a trendy look. Their pieces combine fine velvets and mesh that can be worn in any season and provide the wearer with a plethora of styling options.

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